Suppliers of Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG

As part of the comprehensive Automotive Supplier program, Siemens Digital Industries Software provides specific software bundles with targeted functionality for automotive suppliers. Siemens Digital Industries Software thereby covers the high demand within the automotive industry. In addition, the Automotive Supplier program encourages multi-disciplinary collaboration and enables the automotive and supplier industry to accelerate innovation, reduce development time and increase quality through an integrated NX development platform.

Automotive Supplier Bundles

Two versions of the new Automotive Supplier bundles are available:
  • Automotive Supplier Bundles (AS) for OEM-independent use of NX to provide the most flexibility to the majority of OEMs using NX
  • Daimler Supplier Bundles (DS) for restricted use for Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Truck projects only

DS Bundles

  • For Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Truck projects only Product Number and Description: DS5010 - Entry, DS50501 - Engineering, DS50511 - Advanced Engineering
  • No OEM restriction Product Number and Description: AS5010 - Entry, AS50501 - Engineering, and AS50511 - Advanced Engineering

DS Terms and Conditions

DS bundles may be used only for any activities related to Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Truck projects.

AS bundles offer the same functionality as DS bundles (identical module content); however, they may be used without restrictions.

Please contact your Account Manager using this contact form. We can help you select the most suited license based on your requirements as well as identify potential upgrade of your existing NX licenses.

Which Automotive Supplier solutions does Siemens Digital Industries Software offer?

  • Automotive Supplier Entry Bundle – as comprehensive entry-level, contains creating and manipulating 3D CAD models, including freeform surfaces, PMI, assemblies, sheet metal parts, drawings, rendering, HD3D, and interface capabilities, among others.
  • Automotive Supplier Engineering Bundle – contains the Entry Bundle functionality and in addition, offers additional modules for comprehensive design in all areas of vehicle design, in particular working with complex assemblies or demanding freeform surfaces.
  • Automotive Supplier Advanced Engineering Bundle – contains the Engineering Bundle functionality and in addition, offers process-specific special BIW functionality, additional modules for welded assemblies, wiring, routing, and Advanced Simulation for demanding FEM analyses including NX Nastran.
  • Automotive Supplier Teamcenter Client Bundle – provides a PDM system for NX data based on Teamcenter for supplier in-house engineering data management, including visualization capabilities.