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Using Tecnomatix to reduce production costs

Simsol partners with Siemens to save production time by using a comprehensive digital twin

Using Tecnomatix to reduce production costs

Simulation Solutions Limited

Simsol provides the Tecnomatix portfolio of products with a significant emphasis on support services. The technical support team implements a full range of services including day-to-day assistance with implementation, ongoing training and application advice.
Stockport, United Kingdom
NX, Opcenter APS, Tecnomatix
Industry Sector:
Consumer products & retail, Automotive & transportation, Medical devices & pharmaceuticals


With Simsol’s expertise in Siemens’ software, we were able to resolve any software or application queries.
Martin Hibbert, Director

Supporting advanced manufacturing research

Simulation Solutions Limited (Simsol) is based in Stockport, United Kingdom and supports a broad client base in advanced manufacturing research. Its manufacturing and logistics design and analysis engineers focus on simulation and digital manufacturing using Plant Simulation in the Tecnomatix® portfolio, Process Simulate in the Tecnomatix portfolio, Process Simulate Human, NX™ Line Designer software and Opcenter™ Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software. These are all part of the Siemens Xcelerator business platform of software, hardware and services. Simsol also works with Siemens on special projects and regularly provides training and support for other Siemens partners.

Customers choose to work with Simsol when planning new factories, driving improvements, resizing their organization, adding equipment and controlling human factors for more efficient and productive manufacturing processes. It is recognized for its robotics and plant simulation specialization and strives to deliver reliable, quality applications and precise results. Simsol provides simulation software and training and consultancy in the Tecnomatix, Opcenter and NX suites to help manufacturers access dynamic data.

Simsol has worked with simulation software since 1997. For over 20 years, they have provided customers with valuable and continual support services. With a professional, personal and friendly approach, Simsol thoroughly analyzes its customers’ requirements to establish expectations of what simulation can offer. Then, they provide the products and services that are uniquely suited to the project.

Driving customer value with partnerships

Simulo Industrial Simulation, a UK-based Siemens partner with expertise in robotic simulation, needed help providing virtual commissioning for a luxury car manufacturer’s new automotive line. They turned to Simsol to leverage Tecnomatix Process Simulate. Simulo led the project while Simsol supported the software implementation, migration of old data to the new platform and platform training.

Martin Hibbert, director at Simulo, states, “We would have been less inclined to offer the service to our customers without the depth of training and ongoing support from the Simsol team. With Simsol’s expertise in Siemens’ software, we were able to resolve any software or application queries. We could deliver the project with precision and confidence to our automotive client.”

The solution included draft elements for two stations, eight robots and virtual commissioning that enabled 98 percent of production to be completed digitally. This significantly reduced cost and savings for commissioning. After project completion, Simulo confidently added virtual commissioning skills to its service offerings.

Optimizing workflows using digital twin

The Siemens facility in Congleton, England needed to increase capacity in the manufacturing plant by splitting value streams. It chose Simsol for support with Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. Both teams identified if current lines and automated intelligent vehicles (AIVs) could be optimized to meet targets rather than needing a new line. The teams created a comprehensive digital twin and tested production with different simulations of existing lines. This workflow optimized and validated capacity without adding a new line and reduced physical commissioning costs by 75 percent. The plant reduced costs, time and energy by leveraging the digital twin and will continue to use it in its project planning processes.

Graham Tapp, lean operations manager at Siemens Congleton explains: “The engineers at Simsol provided a simulation model, which led to an increase in productivity and productivity savings and helped us achieve our year-end financial target. We can now use the model to explore future automation opportunities and guide our decisions while backing up results with tangible benefits.”

Simsol is a trusted partner for manufacturing companies in need of support with industry 4.0 solutions and other Siemens partners who need to grow their simulation solutions offerings.

We could deliver the project with precision and confidence to our automotive client.
Martin Hibbert, Director