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Leveraging the digital twin to drive innovation and productivity

SimOfis uses the Simcenter portfolio to solve complex manufacturing challenges

Leveraging the digital twin to drive innovation and productivity


SimOfis provides Siemens Digital Industries Software products and services to help its clients develop innovative products and processes for the digitalization era and enable them to achieve their goals.
Ankara, Çankaya, Turkey
Simcenter FLOEFD
Industry Sector:
Aerospace & defense, Automotive & transportation, Consumer products & retail, Industrial machinery, Heavy equipment, Energy & utilities, Electronics, Semiconductor devices


Simcenter FLOEFD is placed into the middle of our workflow and we use it for every single automotive lighting product that we develop.
Erol Kocabıyık, Deputy Research and Development Manager
Feka Automotive

Providing expert guidance

SimOfis is an engineering company founded in 2018 specializing in computer-aided engineering (CAE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions. From its headquarters in Ankara, Çankaya, Turkey, the group uses the digital twin to help engineers and scientists optimize product designs along every step of development.

Working with companies in the aerospace, defense, automotive and electronic industries among others, SimOfis is a recognized expert in Simcenter™ FLOEFD™ software. With advanced knowledge across the Simcenter FLOEFD portfolio, including Simcenter 3D, Simcenter Flomaster™ software, Simcenter Flotherm™ software, Simcenter Flotherm XT software and Simcenter PreScan™ software, SimOfis provides solutions and support to design- and production-focused manufacturing clients.

All these products are part of the Siemens Xcelerator business platform of software, hardware and services.

SimOfis has an experienced team of specialized engineers for each product family, many of whom continue their engineering education by participating in academic projects. They work on CFD applications such as electronics cooling, thermal optimization and combustion as well as general finite element analysis (FEA) applications, including shock, vibration and fatigue. Thus, their CFD experience spans the gamut from the thermal design of battery packs to comparing experimental and computational methods in industrial gas burners and modeling film condensation for automotive headlamps.

Providing customer education is integral to the SimOfis client journey. The company’s design engineers must completely understand CFD and FEA use cases and provide in-depth explanations on how simulation solutions work in design. They offer trial licenses, free trainings and webinars on Simcenter products to increase client knowledge before and after purchase. With extensive knowledge of CFD and FEA, SimOfis helps clients leverage the digital twin to optimize designs before production, standardize processes and reduce costs.

Simulation drives manufacturing success at lower costs

Supsan, an engine valve manufacturer, needed to optimize performance and material for a new turbocharger design. Using Simcenter FLOEFD, the SimOfis team simulated fluids to compare results from the digital test with the real rig. This ability to analyze different testing conditions in Simcenter FLOEFD and on the physical prototype enabled Supsan to choose the best material for the turbocharger at a lower cost.

Saving time on design with simulation software

Turkish automotive lighting manufacturer Feka Automotive partners with SimOfis to support their development of headlamps that must withstand severe thermal conditions. Leveraging Simcenter FLOEFD, Feka engineers were able to simulate thermal performance that closely reflected physical testing performance. In addition, CFD simulations are optimized with the computer-aided design (CAD) embedded structure in Simcenter FLOEFD that reduces design iteration time, allowing Feka Automotive to perform more simulations than with traditional CFD software.

“Simcenter FLOEFD is placed into the middle of our workflow and we use it for every single automotive lighting product that we develop,” says Erol Kocabıyık, deputy research and development (R&D) manager at Feka Automotive.

By combining Simcenter FLOEFD with the expertise of the SimOfis team, companies like Supsan and Feka Automotive use the digital twin to accurately represent physical tests and do more with less.