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Identifying and eliminating inefficiencies with comprehensive consulting

Leveraging Solid Edge to expand product offerings

Identifying and eliminating inefficiencies with comprehensive consulting

PROLIM Technologies

PROLIM helps customers design and engineer digital product development programs using computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computer-aided engineering (CAE) and PLM tools.
Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia
Femap, Solid Edge
Industry Sector:
Aerospace & defense, Industrial machinery, Heavy equipment, Energy & utilities, Automotive & transportation, Marine


XaaS is going to revolutionize the way people are using the software because they can collaborate in both a physical and cloud environment.
Aaditya Vidyarthi, Managing Director

PROLIM Technologies (PROLIM) is a leading end-to-end product lifecycle management (PLM) and engineering solutions provider serving the Australian and New Zealand markets. It focuses on business processes and technology to help customers improve their profitability and efficiency.

PROLIM is a recognized Siemens Expert Partner that specializes in using Solid Edge® software and Simcenter™ FEMAP, which are key parts of the Siemens Xcelerator business platform of software, hardware and services. Siemens recognizes partners that exemplify expertise and competency in a Siemens solution or industry. These Expert Partners are validated by customers and Siemens for demonstrating their business and technical acumen. PROLIM uses Solid Edge and Simcenter to help its customers grow faster by accelerating innovation and new product introductions (NPIs) while mitigating risk and adhering to regulatory standards.

PROLIM sought to achieve Siemens Expert Partner status to differentiate itself from competitors and gain recognition as a trusted advisor that has proven advanced skills and competencies. Differentiation is increasingly important as customers seek help to expand and evaluate multiple solution providers. Customers demand data-driven insights, solutions and services from their providers. The Expert Partner recognition from Siemens assures customers that PROLIM can offer exemplary services, even in competitive markets.

Expert consultation helps customers excel

Working hand-in-hand with its customers, PROLIM takes an in-depth approach to the consultation process, establishing a competitive edge by emphasizing its focus on meaningful business outcomes and delivering long-term value. PROLIM leverages its expertise in digitalization solutions to help customers overcome complex business challenges and initiates consultations based on the advise-implement-adopt model to help customers identify undetected areas for improvements.

During the assessment process, PROLIM develops an understanding of the customer’s business challenges and industry. It also evaluates the customer’s competitors, their design process and production workflow strengths before comparing results with the customer’s capabilities. PROLIM then identifies relevant Solid Edge or Simcenter FEMAP implementations and shows how customers can use them to improve design and production processes with a detailed analysis of projected results. Executives at PROLIM attribute the company’s success to their ability to challenge the status quo within their customers’ respective industries. By exhaustively researching the business offerings of customers and its industry competitors, PROLIM helps its customers not only meet its immediate needs but also enhance their competitiveness and positions them for the future.

Delivering quick turnaround time on custom parts

Mexx Engineering is an Australian industrial machining company that approached PROLIM to help find solutions to its manufacturing challenges. Mexx Engineering is an engineered-to-order (E2O) company that requires an efficient and accurate turnaround process to deliver a diverse set of customized products that meet customer requirements. It recognized that 2D design was restrictive in its level of design depth and shifting to 3D would allow for a more flexible design process.

Mexx Engineering evaluated competitive solutions and found that using Solid Edge and working with the team at PROLIM could meet its needs the best. PROLIM recommended using Solid Edge for several stages in the design and manufacture processes including running loading and mechanism simulations.

Using Solid Edge allowed Mexx Engineering to address complex designs that were previously not possible. Mexx Engineering can now use Solid Edge to achieve virtual design, development and representation of full robotic systems, as opposed to just parts, which helped it create unique portfolio solutions for different industries and service customers quicker.

“Solid Edge provides a level of design depth that rough sketches or 2D designs cannot,” says Luis De Jesus, founder and director of Mexx Engineering. “It improved our control over details. Using 3D modeling and simulation software allows our investors, customers and other stakeholders to be confident before manufacturing the automated robotic systems.”

Using Solid Edge to create quality molds

PROLIM’s consultations also helped PMG Engineering Services, which makes consumer products out of high-density plastics. The company relies on accurate, durable mold tools to manufacture products quickly while maintaining high quality.

PMG Engineering found that using Solid Edge is the fastest and most comprehensive solution that contributes to developing an accurate comprehensive digital twin and possesses toolmaking capabilities. PMG’s product engineers also benefitted from the technical support and advanced training sessions PROLIM delivered. Using Solid Edge 3D modeling and styling capabilities combined with PROLIM’s support enabled PMG Engineering to produce high-quality prototypes and reduce material waste.

PROLIM plans to continue supporting its customers with comprehensive training and consultations. Aaditya Vidyarthi, managing director at PROLIM, believes the Siemens Xcelerator business platform can help improve its offerings. He said that it “is going to revolutionize the way people are using the software because they can collaborate in both a physical and cloud environment. Good technology, good framework, good deployment and the right vision; all these things are very encouraging for us to work with.”