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Foundry patternmaking specialist achieves significant advantage using the advanced product development system NX

Análisis y Simulación plays key role in successful technology implementation, delivering training customized to company’s industry and business needs

Foundry patternmaking specialist achieves significant advantage using the advanced product development system NX

Paulino Sorarrain

Paulino Sorarrain provides foundry patternmaking expertise and solutions across industries.
Tolosa (Gipuzkoa), Spain
Industry Sector:
Industrial machinery


Paulino Sorarrain, S.A. (Paulino Sorarrain), located in Tolosa (Gipuzkoa, Spain), is dedicated to the development of models for casting using different materials, including wood, resins and polystyrene. The company works across industries. Deliverables include railway wheels and accessories, nautical propellers, urban environment equipment such as street lights, fountains and benches, and packaging for land, sea and air needs.

In order to maintain and extend its success, the company sought a strategic technological edge: advanced product development technology. Paulino Sorarrain was intent on continuing its reputation for innovation in its sector and wanted to more fully leverage its vast knowledge base within the company – expertise gained from many years of focused work by a skilled and professional staff.

Clear vision

Paulino Sorarrain faced a distinct challenge. “We drew in 2D, always starting from knowledge gained from our previous work,” says Mikel Civico, who is responsible for Paulino Sorarrain’s Technical Office.

To improve its technological base, the company made four key decisions: 1) purchase a new processing machine (BERMAQ CR166 3+2 axes), 2) acquire an advanced computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) solution, 3) hire people experienced in the use of systems of this type, and 4) provide an appropriate information technology (IT) infrastructure to support its new functional cell.

Civico noted that where many companies see technology as an expense, especially during tough economic times, Paulino Sorarrain saw it as a clear opportunity for competitive gain through significantly improved internal infrastructure and processes. “Management has always had a clear vision about technology and innovation,” says Catro. “We knew this investment would be a challenge; moreover, we saw an unambiguous opportunity to improve our position in the market, continuing to grow with our foundation firmly entrenched in the world of foundry models.”

Great technology, right partner

In evaluating the most suitable CAD/CAM solution for its requirements, several product lifecycle management (PLM) technologies were considered. Mikel Civico, a member of the Technical Office of Paulino Sorarrain and an expert in CAD/ CAM systems, drove the process. “We evaluated PowerMILL software, Catia software, Tebis software and NX software,” says Civico. “We were looking for a system with a very high level of technical capability, but one that also was flexible and integrated across applications.” Paulino Sorarrain founds its answer in NX™ software from Siemens Digital Industries Software. Civico explains, “In NX, we found, technically speaking, the most complete solution.”

Civico adds, “The approach chosen by Análisis y Simulación, Siemens Digital Industries Software’s partner, was very important to us. From the beginning, Análisis y Simulación proposed fully customized training tailored to the actual work we do and recommended creating a postprocessor to extract all the performance we wanted from the whole CAD/ CAM solution. Análisis y Simulación’s ability to be a single provider for essentially all the necessary infrastructure was crucial. The Siemens Digital Industries Software partner had a deep knowledge of the industry as well as high competence in issues highly relevant to us, such as mechanical engineering.”

The company’s move from a mid-level 2D system to an advanced 3D solution was quick and efficient.

Proven results, excellent potential

The combination of NX technology and the expertise of Análisis y Simulación is already paying significant dividends in terms of productivity, speed and overall process efficiency for Paulino Sorarrain. “We have been implementing projects with this new system, including a system for railway junctions, and we are very pleased with the results we are achieving,” says Civico.

The company’s technical office has significantly improved its product development skills, bandwidth and turnaround. More specifically, its new infrastructure supports knowledge capture and serves as a strong foundation for continuous innovation. In addition, the company’s systematic approach to training is helping to attract the industry’s best professionals.

Civico notes that because of the excellent advantages his company has realized using PLM, there are plans to add NX software licenses to further enhance the product development capabilities of its design office.