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Leveraging PLM and CAD software to promote digitalization

Nancal partners with Siemens to improve customers’ R&D efficiency by over 40 percent

Leveraging PLM and CAD software to promote digitalization

Nancal Technology

Nancal has served the intelligent manufacturing industry for over 15 years providing digitalization planning strategies to implement digital solutions and deploy digital management software.
Beijing, China
NX, Opcenter, Teamcenter
Industry Sector:
Aerospace & defense


With Siemens Expert Partner specializations and the Xcelerator portfolio, Nancal has established and maintained long-term cooperative relationships with many customers due to its strategic planning and services capabilities.
Zhao Lan, President
Nancal Technology

Founded in December 2006 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in October 2016, Nancal Technology (Nancal) strives to be a trusted digital transformation partner for manufacturing enterprises. The company leverages the comprehensive digital twin and combines the industrial internet operation ecosystem with the productivity platform to create modernized corporate application service infrastructures that empower customers to achieve intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation.

Nancal has been using solutions from Siemens Digital Industries Software to serve many high-end equipment research and development (R&D) and manufacturing enterprises in various industries including aerospace, defense, nuclear, marine, general machinery and civil high-tech sectors to deliver industry-specific benchmarking solutions. Nancal is constantly looking for ways to innovate and serve its unique values. Nancal uses NX™ software, Teamcenter® software and Opcenter™ software to position itself as a consulting service provider that is familiar with the industries and meets customers’ needs in China and globally.

Nancal earned its Siemens Expert Partner status by using NX, Teamcenter and Opcenter to demonstrate its comprehensive professional service capabilities in various Siemens product lines and practical experience in industrial application development.

Siemens recognizes Nancal’s expertise in using Siemens solutions across various industries. Siemens Expert Partner recognition and endorsements have become cornerstones of Nancal’s marketing, serving as proof of its trustworthiness and capabilities in securing revenue growth for its customers. In 2021, Nancal won the Siemens Global Partner of the Year Award.

Pioneering digitalization in reluctant markets

Nancal has formulated an informatization planning blueprint for one of its clients that features product development and production as the main line supported with the corporate division management. Nancal provides its customers with software platforms like Teamcenter and Opcenter so they can use them for specialized analytical screening and designs across all lines including indicators, demands, solutions, simulations, product development and designs, product processing, product manufacturing, operation control, etc.

Nancal used Teamcenter to implement a project management system for a customer that enabled them to standardize their product design system and build a platform for product development and process design. This improved their R&D efficiency by reducing the previous paper document transfers between their master and subsystem design processes. By implementing the information system, the customer has improved their R&D capability and efficiency. Through the application of standardized design, process templates and simulation tools, the client has reduced the repeated design changes.

Nancal also used Opcenter to implement an operation management system for this customer, which changed its previous management mode with manual production scheduling and paper document transfers to improve production efficiency and equipment utilization and reduce product quality issues.

A path forward

With the help of Siemens over the years, Nancal has been serving many leading customers in various industries and established a credible reputation in the intelligent manufacturing industry in China, which also contributes to expanding the influence of Siemens in China.

“With Siemens Expert Partner competencies and the Xcelerator portfolio, Nancal has established and maintained long-term cooperative relationships with many customers due to its strategic planning and services capabilities,” says Zhao Lan, Nancal’s president.

Nancal will continue to leverage Siemens solutions and work with Siemens to create solutions for its customers. In the context of the nationwide promotion of the digital economy by the central government, Nancal will participate more actively in the digital transformations of its customers by working closely with Siemens in line with its new strategies, products and technologies. Nancal will do this to build all-round capabilities of its own in sales, technology, operation and marketing to better serve its customers.