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Maya HTT leverages Siemens Expert partnership to provide customers with innovative solutions

Engineering solution provider serves global client base with unparalled expertise

Maya HTT

Maya HTT is an engineering solutions provider that delivers advanced services and products to businesses in the engineering and datacenter industries in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Industry Sector:
Aerospace & defense, Industrial machinery, Medical devices & pharmaceuticals, Energy & utilities, Automotive & transportation, Electronics, Semiconductor devices


Siemens is at the intersection of the physical world and the digital world, and at the pivotal point where today meets tomorrow.
Marc Lafontaine, Vice President of Sales
Maya HTT

Maya HTT specializes in industry software solutions that focus on design, manufacturing, simulation, lifecycle and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Founded in 1982, the company has offices in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Maya HTT’s experts provide the insight and innovative solutions that engineers need to tackle today’s most demanding business challenges. As a technology partner, software developer and provider of Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions, Maya HTT’s extensive experience in design, manufacturing, analysis, application development, systems integration and deployments helps customers enhance products and find cutting-edge, optimized solutions to solve modern problems.

Maya HTT got its start by providing solutions for the space industry. Now it is an established and growing global brand. Maya HTT serves customers worldwide across many sectors, with a strong focus on aerospace and defense, automotive and transportation, electronics, and heavy industrial machinery. As a Siemens Platinum Expert partner, Maya HTT solutions has received multiple awards, including the 2019 Global Siemens Partner award. That award recognizes Maya HTT for its unparalleled expertise and service to clients, confirming its position as the year’s leading Siemens partner worldwide.

Throughout its longstanding relationship with Siemens, Maya HTT has developed a depth of knowledge about its products, so much so that other partners approach Maya HTT for its expertise. Maya HTT is also a software and technology partner and has developed over 30 products for Siemens to provide customers better engineering for a better future.

Maya HTT holds Siemens Expert Partner status in nine products, a testimony to the high level of service the company provides. Clients are confident that the Maya HTT team has the training and hands-on experience to provide the best consulting, implementation and support for the solutions they need.

Maya HTT delivers a combination of specialized expertise, multidisciplinary development and multi-physics that clients appreciate. This paired with dedicated engagement and software development capabilities, Maya HTT offers customers unrivaled expertise, reach and opportunities.

When asked to name what the company offers to customers, Marc Lafontaine, vice president of sales, Maya HTT, says, “We offer technical knowledge of Siemens software, a proven track record, credibility, and the breadth and depth of our expertise. What differentiates us is that we offer all aspects of simulation. We are leaders in the realm of simulation for predictive analytics, from 1D and 3D to fluid, thermal and structural co-simulation.

”With better thinking and better expertise, Maya HTT delivers better client success. Expertise in industrial AI, software development and simulation has helped secure several noteworthy projects. Below are a few examples of how Maya HTT helps its clients find better solutions, optimize performance and efficiency, save time and reduce costs.

Customer success stories

Maya HTT has many customer success stories, with three of the most prominent ones involving the Lion Electric Company, Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corp. and Bâtivac.

Lion Electric, a bus manufacturer, enlisted Maya HTT to optimize vehicle performance. The company’s main challenges include battery thermal management, the time between concept and performance validation and creating the best numerical analysis solution.

Maya HTT recommended Siemens’ Simcenter™ Amesim™ software for Lion Electric’s numerical analysis. Maya HTT conducted a pilot project to assess suitability and created a comprehensive digital twin to reproduce thermal exchanges. Simcenter is a part of Xcelerator™ portfolio, the comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software and services from Siemens. With Maya HTT’s assistance, Lion Electric was able to define the best battery architecture, realized significant time and cost savings and improved the availability of resources to devote to innovation.

Learn more about Lion Electric’s customer success story here.

Chromalloy, meanwhile, was looking to upgrade to a cost-effective product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that features a robust, intuitive interface to increase adoption, reduce maintenance fees and costs while also addressing product quality concerns.

Maya HTT recommended an intuitive Siemens solution that increases adoption, provides a solid foundation and works with existing technology and can migrate extensive amounts of data. Through Maya HTT’s recommendation, Chromalloy enjoyed a seamless transition to a new PLM within six months, immediately making their process more user-friendly and intuitive. Also, their adoption rate increased by 80 percent within weeks. Chromalloy also realized a significant decrease in quality escapes in the first six months.“

Maya HTT is devoted to achieving excellence while maintaining the strong values that guide and help us stand apart from our competitors,” says Danial Mazhar, director, Americas sales, Maya HTT. “We leverage our expertise and knowledge to our clients’ advantage, helping them excel and perform today, tomorrow and into the future. Aligning with Siemens as a Expert partner helps us, and our customers, deliver on this mission.”

Finally, Bâtivac, a Canadian company that supports building management control systems, was contracted to develop a ventilation system for a hospital’s underground parking garage, an environment where it is imperative to ensure safe air quality levels. Bâtivac required validation that its ventilation configuration optimized and met air quality and safety standards, provided necessary comfort and reduced costs related to purchasing, installation, operations and maintenance.

Maya HTT validated the proposed jet fan ventilation system using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and Simcenter™ 3D software with simulations for a variety of situations. The result was a quieter and healthier parking environment. Low-profile fans help minimize construction costs and allow for optimal placement. Installation time dropped as well as maintenance, energy and operating costs. Maya HTT helped Bâtivac create a parking environment that met the needs of a truly safe and modern urban health facility.

“Siemens is at the intersection of the physical world and the digital world, and at the pivotal point where today meets tomorrow,” says Lafontaine. “This positioning aligns perfectly with our software and simulation expertise and with the fact that better thinking, better future guides everything we do at Maya HTT. By leveraging the Siemens messaging, position and technologies, we are in a better position to help our customers realize improvements and innovation to their product design and manufacturing processes.”

We are leaders in the realm of simulation for predictive analytics, from 1D and 3D to fluid, thermal and structural co-simulation.
Marc Lafontaine, Vice President of Sales
Maya HTT