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Case Study

Leveraging digital transformation to improve product quality by 80 percent

Creating cross-product synergies to meet customer requirements across the product lifecycle

Leveraging digital transformation to improve product quality by 80 percent

Guangzhou Gohope Information Technology

Guangzhou Gohope Technology Co. Ltd. creates comprehensive technical service platforms for its manufacturing customers. Its thorough understanding of design and manufacturing integration, customization and standardization of product development and production help customers establish a robust product development system, improve perational efficiency, reduce complexity and speed time-to-market.
Guangzhou , China
NX, Teamcenter, Tecnomatix
Industry Sector:
Automotive & transportation, Industrial machinery


Together with Siemens, Gohope strives to use industrial software to make complex tasks easier for our customers.
Sun Yongguo, Managing Director
Guangzhou Gohope Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Gohope Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Gohope) works with customers to transform their manufacturing processes through digitalization. Its comprehensive technical service platforms help customers thrive in competitive markets. With extensive experience integrating design and manufacturing processes, Gohope partners with customers to help reduce product development times and improve enterprise-wide collaboration.

Gohope engages clients through a multistep process, beginning with consultations in which the company develops an extensive understanding of customers’ business and management scope. Then Gohope creates a digitalization blueprint addressing the customer’s goals. With advanced expertise in Teamcenter® software, the Tecnomatix® portfolio and NX™ software, Gohope’s implementations create cross-product synergies to meet all customer requirements across the product lifecycle.

Gohope is a Siemens Expert Partner for its specialization in Teamcenter, NX and Tecnomatix, which are all part of the Siemens Xcelerator business platform of software, hardware and services. Siemens Digital Industries Software recognizes partners that demonstrate expertise in its solutions. These partners are validated by both customers and Siemens for demonstrating their superior business and technical acumen.

Fully integrated digital solutions improve efficiency

A global automotive manufacturer turned to Gohope to address bottlenecks created by a disconnected data management system and inefficient information sharing methods. This hindered the company’s ability to collaborate across departments, leading to extended development times and sluggish design processes.

Gohope helped the customer create a seamless digital production process using 3D data created in NX and accessible through Teamcenter. This allowed real-time online collaboration between internal departments and more accurate communication with downstream suppliers.

With a fully integrated development environment, the company realized a 10 percent savings in work hours while increasing efficiency by 30 percent. This helped accelerate research and development (R&D) design and new vehicle production. Thanks to the digital transformation provided by Gohope and Siemens, over the long term the customer realized a 20 percent reduction in human resources investment and a 5 to 10 percent cost reduction.

“Our responsibility and mission is to provide systematic, digitalized and professional solutions and services to help enterprises achieve intelligent manufacturing,” says Zhang Yonghui, Gohope vice general manager.

Using Teamcenter improved data re-use by 70 percent

Another Gohope customer developing high-end electronics experienced difficulties with R&D design. The company lacked revision control over technical drawings, which allowed out-of-date data to create problems across development teams. Data silos caused issues for downstream suppliers and inconsistencies between departments. The customer also had an inefficient system for tracking offline processes, causing further delays in its design process.

Gohope recommended the company begin its digitalization process with the R&D team. It offered onsite technical support and assistance for the integration process, initial setup and post-deployment services. Gohope first implemented Teamcenter. The platform helped the customer optimize its R&D management and reduce the gap between design data and production processes. The customer saw a marked reduction in wasted parts during development, freeing up funds it could use to enhance its digitalization efforts.

The customer experienced a 70 percent improvement in its data re-use rate resulting in a 10 percent cost reduction. Better data access also improved design efficiency by 30 percent and product quality by 80 percent. Managing director of Gohope, Sun Yongguo, says, “Together with Siemens, Gohope strives to use industrial software to make complex tasks easier for our customers.”

The future of digitalization

Gohope predicts digitalization will continue evolving, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to foster more advanced product development, improve virtual manufacturing processes and support better informed business decision-making. The company believes the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio will be central to these evolutionary changes.

“Twenty years ago we started from a research institution and it has evolved into a business and technical partner of Siemens in China,” says Sun Yongguo, managing director of Gohope. “Over the next 20 years we hope to continue to grow and strengthen this important partnership.”