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Employing 3D design to reduce assembly time by 75 percent

Enginia BV partners with Siemens to optimize product quality with accurate calculations

Employing 3D design to reduce assembly time by 75 percent

Enginia BV

Enginia BV enables companies to innovate faster by shortening lead times. It optimizes the performance of engineers and production teams with automation, the right professionals and applicable answers to complex engineering issues.
Hengelo, Overijssel, Netherlands
Solid Edge, Teamcenter
Industry Sector:
Aerospace & defense, Automotive & transportation, Industrial machinery, Heavy equipment


We could not carry out the business we are doing today, in terms of technology and volume, without using Solid Edge.
Jan Oude Grote Bevelsborg, Technical Director and Co-Owner
db technologies

Enabling customers to rapidly develop Industry 4.0 solutions

Enginia BV is based in Hengelo, Overjissel in the Netherlands with three offices across the country. It was founded in 1993 and provides software, consulting, training and engineering solutions for Industry 4.0 organizations that are transitioning from engineer-to-order (ETO) to configure-to-order CTO). Enginia is a platinum level Siemens Digital Industries Software partner specializing in Solid Edge® software and Teamcenter® software, which are part of the Siemens Xcelerator business platform of software, hardware and services. The company is also proficient in other Siemens technologies and focuses on machinery, agricultural, food packaging, offshore shipbuilding, automotive and defense industries.

Enginia’s team believes automation rapidly facilitates innovation and that engaging experts on a long-term basis prepares for the future, protects investments and reduces costs. Over the past five years, Enginia implemented Teamcenter over 30 times for 1000 users with mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) integrations using Solid Edge. Its initial implementation strategies followed industry standards and best practices such as templating, road-mapping, full-range user training and long-term usability consultancy with customer success management. Enginia is committed to customer satisfaction long after implementation and continuously delivers results with sustainable development. It is highly regarded as a top-tier, go-to partner in the Netherlands.

Customers choose Enginia for its ability to simplify complex problems. The company provides deep market and solution knowledge with an emphasis on digitalizing innovation, engineering processes and product development. It values its partnerships and consistently delivers software solutions with training, on-site implementation services and long-term solution development. Customers appreciate this combination as it enables them to establish process and strategy changes that are concurrent with the software, creating early, high return on investment (ROI) and longstanding benefits.

Enabling innovation with design efficiency

RESQTEC Zumro produces a portfolio of rescue products used by fire departments for stabilizing and opening damaged automobiles or buildings and extracting people from wreckage. It also salvages products used to prepare aircrafts for transportation.

RESQTEC needed to develop innovative equipment for every rescue and salvage situation in an integrated product portfolio that accommodates limited space in rescue vehicles while being efficient and easy to use. RESQTEC used Solid Edge computer-aided design (CAD) software for product development and turned to Siemens’ partner, Enginia, for training to enable the team to leverage the software’s full functionality.

“Cars must live up to increasingly high safety standards. Therefore, developing powerful devices has become an arms race,” states Fred Baas, new product development team leader at RESQTEC. “The growing number of armored vehicles poses a significant challenge because our equipment must work without fail even when we are dealing with heavily reinforced vehicles.”

Reducing costs with planning

db technologies BV develops equipment used to extract usable materials from waste, including sieves, conveyors and presses. Most of its clients are governments located around the world that require custom solutions. To serve its customers, db technologies must construct and assemble operational installations while controlling costs and providing clear, error-free product information for suppliers.

Cars must live up to increasingly high safety standards. Therefore, developing powerful devices has become an arms race.
Fred Baas, New Product Development Team Leader