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Low-code platforms assist in the creation and maintenance of digital threads and digital twins


Business pressures and lack of acceptable ROI on previous IT investments are forcing companies to change the way they create, manage and leverage their IT landscapes. Low-code solutions that support development and deployment have emerged as an effective way to integrate and improve the ROI of IT investments.

Read the latest article to discover how low-code platforms are being applied to solve many business challenges, including the creation and maintenance of digital threads and digital twins across product lifecycle.

Digital thread

The digital thread is a key concept in use today to improve business performance but often requires complex customization to create and sustain. The Mendix low-code platform enables the creation of personalized, business-unique solutions leveraging digital threads and digital twins by integrating Siemens Xcelerator applications and partner solutions within the broader enterprise application landscape.

Digital twin

Creating a digital twin requires a robust digital thread connecting appropriate data sources across the lifecycle. It’s built using configuration-controlled data from numerous sources such as mechanical CAD, electrical and electronic CAD, software development repositories, and simulation models that represent the physical instance.

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