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Examples of low-code solutions

As conditions change in an increasingly competitive marketplace, electronics companies must get ahead of the competition with capabilities that quickly meet market and customer demands.

This article provides examples of how electronics companies can gain a competitive edge and speed up their digitalization journey by exploring low-code apps that fit into their business processes.

Meet market and customer demand with low-code technology

Electronics companies don’t have to start from scratch. Instead, they can meet market and customer demand with low-code technology. By adding low-code apps to current resources and systems, you can extend usability, quickly fill technology gaps, get to market faster and efficiently adjust focus when new opportunities arise.

Custom app development with Mendix

Learn more about four different apps that electronics companies can use to get started with custom app development with Mendix:

  1. A collaborative design app
  2. A troubleshooting app
  3. A production analysis app
  4. A compliance app