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12 key factors impacting global medical manufacturing recovery

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The COVID-19 pandemic left a profound impact on manufacturing across the globe. Some economists have characterized COVID-19 as the biggest macroeconomic shock the world has experienced in a century. The Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) in India studied COVID-19 and its impact on manufacturing. Researchers believe digital technology is the gateway to manufacturing enterprise recovery and success. The study points to three pillars of digital technology that have significantly influenced manufacturing:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Big data analytics

The integrated manufacturing execution system (MES) is at the heart of the digital enterprise, which may prove to be the most critical technology enabler.

Key factors impacting the manufacturing industry following COVID-19

The KIIT research team identified 12 key factors influencing the status of global manufacturing during the pandemic. They characterized each factor as a solution or a challenge. Then, the researchers applied analytical techniques to recognize interrelationships among the challenges and solutions to determine their driving and dependence power. Some challenges include the pandemic, lack of resources and lack of operational performance. Some solutions include efficient supply chains, IoT and AI.

Download the article to find out what all 12 factors are and how they influenced or were influenced by changes in other factors.

An integrated MES interacts pervasively with IoT, big data analytics, and AI.

A medical device company’s current digital enterprise may be comprised of numerous digital tools, including software used for product design or shipping logistics. To fully benefit from these digital tools, forward-thinking manufacturers are progressing toward a holistic approach known as smart manufacturing. This approach leverages digital design and engineering capabilities that are interconnected with the production environment.

Learn how an integrated MES can orchestrate and optimize the production of medical devices. Download the article.