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Archived Webinar

Catch manufacturability issues early with integrated DFM analysis

Estimated Watching Time: 15 minutes
When you release a printed circuit board to manufacturing, the fabricator often does an analysis of the design and if a fabrication issue is found, they will typically “fix” it without communicating this back to you.

For example, they may want to spread or space traces out a bit further to increase yield. But what happens if this was a critical clock signal that you routed to a specific length? The circuit will no longer perform as expected.

What if you could do this same fabrication analysis earlier in the design, detect manufacturing issues, and correct them right in your design tool?

What you will learn

  • How to access comprehensive fabrication DFM analysis capabilities from within your layout environment

  • Review manufacturability issues in the Hazard Explorer

  • Address issues immediately by cross probing to the problem area

  • Obtain an easy-to-read PDF report of the analysis