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The Student Voice – Report for the ‘Skills for Sustainability’ survey

The Siemens ‘Skills for Sustainability’ survey was launched in November 2022 as a pilot. The objective was to give students a voice in how sustainability is addressed globally in engineering education. Insights from the project leader at Siemens and the student organizations can be found in the panel discussion summary exploring the survey results on page 5 of this report.

A total of 667 complete submissions were analyzed. For this pilot, our geographic focus was Europe and the Americas, though the responses are global. We collected the data with the support of the student organizations SPEED, ESTIEM, BEST, European Young Engineers, Siemens interns and participants from Petrus’ experiential learning programs.

The Skills for Sustainability Network engages faculty and industry to embed sustainability in engineering education.

The network is an interactive community in which each member contributes as much as they take away. In addition to the professional development and networking benefits, contributing members will gain access to valuable reports and resources shared by Siemens, including case studies, curricular materials and early access to Siemens tech.

Inspired by inputs gathered from research with academic leaders and faculty members from around the world on their approaches to curriculum development and industry engagement, this initiative addresses the desire for stronger, more sustainable relationships with industry.

The purpose of the Siemens Skills for Sustainability Network is to foster a vibrant exchange of ideas between academia and industry about how to best embed the skills that tomorrow’s engineers need for addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into engineering curriculum. Click here to learn more and join the network.