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The impact of industrial simulation on the machinery industry

Enhance machine manufacturing processes with simulation for quality and safety

Industrial machinery companies can build complex machines faster than ever before because of modeling and simulation technologies.

Manufacturers design, verify and validate the intended function of a product or process in a virtual environment using modeling and simulation software.

These digital tools help companies reduce costs, test new ideas with less risk, and increase the quality, safety, and lifespan of a product.

Download this in-depth research report to learn how industrial manufacturers are using modeling and simulation technologies now and where they’re investing in them for the future.

The industrial machinery industry’s future with simulation software

The industrial machinery industry’s digital transformation has only accelerated in recent years, and it’s because companies are seeing clear benefits, including a competitive advantage, improved product quality, and increased production agility.

Industrial simulation software alone accelerates the development process, improves reliability, and minimizes the number of costly physical prototypes.

This is likely why simulation software consistently ranks within the top three investments industrial machinery companies are currently making.

As simulation technologies become more integrated with standard engineering processes, manufacturers will be able to create smarter, more flexible, and reliable machines.

Transforming the machinery industry with industrial process simulation

This research report discovered about two-thirds (65%) of respondents already use modeling and simulation technologies for production, manufacturing, testing, design and development, and research.

Simulation tools touch nearly every aspect of industrial machine manufacturing, and this report found which types of simulation software are being used most often and which types are on the rise.

Design for reliability (DFR), system simulation, and material modeling rounded out the top three, and multiple other tools are on the rise.

For more of these simulation tools to get implemented, it’s going to take an investment in talent and training so more people know how to use the diverse types of industrial simulation software tools available.

Improve quality and safety in machine manufacturing through simulation

Simulation tools can improve the quality and safety of machines by quickly testing different designs, looking at multiple configurations, and trying different materials.

Simulating multiple different options and combinations happens more quickly than building multiple prototypes, so machine builders get results more quickly.

This more cost-effective method leads to better innovations with proven, guaranteed results.

Get this free research report, and gain new insights into the industrial machinery industry and how it’s approaching simulation software.