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Analyst Report

Improve the new product introduction (NPI) process for electronics manufacturing

The new product introduction (NPI) process for electronics manufacturers can be a challenge. Many companies can design their products anywhere, but they struggle to shorten new product introduction (NPI) cycle times. This analyst report by Aberdeen details the importance and benefits of unifying production information in real-time to provide manufacturing intelligence and traceability using an integrated MES. With MES, manufacturers keep pace with customer demand because it creates a seamless production ecosystem with a digital thread that connects data and processes in context at all production phases. 

Enable collaboration and efficiency with MES

Enabling design collaboration among design, engineering and manufacturing departments is a key tenant of smart manufacturing. This coupled with the use of IoT-based, real-time sensor-data collection from the shop floor transforms information into actionable insights and real-time production analytics that can save your business money.

Smart manufacturing for electronics

MES is a vital part of smart manufacturing. With MES, it’s possible to collect and extract business value from manufacturing data. It provides a critical feedback loop that continuously improves product design and production processes. Companies look to smart manufacturing solutions to provide agility, reduce waste and lower costs, improve collaboration and visibility, resulting in improved and faster NPI. In doing so, they can also provide visibility, traceability, and trust in their electronics manufacturing capabilities to all stakeholders.