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The ROI of PLM software for shipbuilders

The marine industry is increasingly competitive, with shipbuilders needing to deliver vessels on time, on budget and on quality. This has become more difficult, however, as the complexity of vessels has increased. Without good data management, inefficiencies can negatively impact profitability. Product lifecycle management (PLM) software pays for itself by improving design and engineering performance. Measure the potential return on investment of a PLM solution with this simple five-minute assessment.

Register now to use the PLM ROI Payback Center created by Tech-Clarity, an independent consulting firm focused on PLM. Once you’re on the Tech-Clarity site, look at the free sample report to see the type of insights you will receive. Then, you can register for a personalized assessment based on the information you provide about your shipbuilding business.

PLM ROI calculator empowers engineers

Engineers report wasting time on non-value-added work. Research from Tech-Clarity finds that PLM solutions reclaim some of that lost time, and the investment pays for itself. Use the calculator to see the potential ROI of PLM for your shipbuilding company. Calculate the potential time savings, cost savings and increased revenue you could see from improved strategies to conceptualize, design, develop and manage products.

Teamcenter X: The world’s most widely used PLM software

Ready to get started with PLM for your shipbuilding business? See how Teamcenter X delivers instant-on PLM through the cloud. Learn more about Teamcenter X and sign up for the free trial to see how you can get started quickly and cost-effectively to drive efficiency and see the ROI fast.