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Analyst Report

Operational Resiliency: Strategies for Efficient Operations in the Manufacturing Industry

Over the past three years, there have been significant disruptions in both the economy and society, and the global pandemic has further highlighted the importance of companies prioritizing resiliency. It is now more critical than ever to focus on maintaining and improving operational resilience.

In July 2022, Siemens commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the methods used by organizations to enhance their operational resilience. According to the survey, 75% of respondents believe that improving operational efficiency will help their organizations remain resilient in the face of increasingly disruptive external shocks. Forrester's in-depth survey yielded important recommendations and findings that can assist organizations in responding to disruptive events and becoming more operationally resilient.

Download the study to discover how leading companies can build businesses that are operationally resilient and prepared for the future.

Key Findings: Operational Resiliency Strategies

In this study, you will learn about the challenges faced by manufacturing industries in achieving operational resiliency and how efficient operations can help minimize the impact of disruptive events. We will explore key and provide insights into a new roadmap for operational resiliency. Additionally, we will discuss the recipe for effective operational efficiency and highlight the high stakes involved in improving resilient operations. Finally, we will provide key recommendations for achieving operational resiliency through efficient operations as well as:

  • The importance of operational resiliency in minimizing the impact of disruptive events.

  • The role of efficient operations in achieving operational resiliency.

  • The need for organizations to take a longer and broader view of operations and be willing to sacrifice short-term local results for bigger corporate goals.

  • The importance of deploying technology smartly to improve efficiency and resiliency.

  • Practical steps that organizations can take to improve their operational resiliency, such as investing in the right technologies and having a strong partner ecosystem.