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Machine Industry Digital Readiness Benchmark UK & Ireland 2023

Unlock the future of manufacturing excellence with the latest market research!

What is the current state of digital transformation in the machine building industry? Discover the key findings from this benchmark study conducted among machine building companies in the UK and Ireland. This in-depth report uncovers the industry's digital transformation and its impact on products and processes.

Unveiling crucial insights:

  • Digital maturity: How advanced are machine builders in the UK and Ireland on their digital journey?

  • Urgency and priorities: What are the immediate imperatives and business priorities?

  • Digitalised lifecycle: To what extent can businesses digitalise stages from design to production and service?

This latest benchmark study explores the impact of digitalisation on products, processes, and the industry at large, providing you with a strategic edge in this evolving market.

Gain knowledge on:

  • Digital maturity

  • Digital transformation strategies

  • Digitalised manufacturing

  • Digital service readiness

  • Emerging business models

We trust that the insights within this report will serve as a source of inspiration as you refine your business strategy.

Download the benchmark now!