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Employ virtual prototypes and holistic modeling in heavy equipment engineering

Heavy equipment engineers need to continuously improve and optimize equipment designs, but how can they get product designs right sooner to meet both project and product targets? Predictive performance engineering has tremendous business potential and allows companies to unlock new levels of innovation and performance.

Companies can enable continuous improvement with a maturity model framework as well as increase performance engineering maturity by improving the following four processes:

  • Create holistic equipment models
  • Predict performance through simulation
  • Improve predictions through testing
  • Improve predictions with field data

Download the latest analyst report written by Tech-Clarity to discover how increasing performance engineering maturity through virtual prototypes and holistic modeling can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Meet project objectives with Siemens comprehensive digital twins

Today’s more instrumented and connected products provide a new opportunity for equipment manufacturers to leverage vast amounts of real-world, operational data from the IoT, control systems, and other data sources to identify performance improvement opportunities. The first step to improve performance engineering is to ensure that digital product representations, or digital twins, adequately represent the final product. Heavy equipment companies can meet project objectives while reducing costs with Siemens comprehensive digital twins.

Benefits of continuous verification in heavy equipment engineering

To meet project objectives and optimize performance, heavy equipment engineering must be able to increase virtual verification and improvement through testing as well as field data predictions.

Explore the improvement opportunities in this analyst report to discover how you can increase performance engineering maturity, then adopt more advanced processes and technology to drive meaningful equipment and process improvement going forward.