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Analyst Report

Digitally transform equipment design using engineering design software

Heavy equipment manufacturers must rapidly quote, design and deliver machines to satisfy customers while driving revenue. But speed can’t come at the expense of performance, quality and cost. Digitally transform your equipment design using engineering software that drives a better design process without sacrificing quality.

Check out the latest analyst report from Tech-Clarity that explains how OEMs can increase their equipment design maturity and performance to outperform the competition.

In addition, Jim Brown of Tech-Clarity discusses in an on-demand webinar how equipment manufacturers can accelerate complex equipment design, leading to greater growth and profitability.

Leverage digital twin technology to drive speed and quality

One of the first keys to success is developing a holistic product model that incorporates the full equipment definition. This can be done by leveraging digital twin technology to drive speed and quality. Digital twins allow companies to find issues sooner, test performance without expensive prototypes and digitally validate crucial product performance measures. Digital twins are one of four key disciplines that manufacturers can adopt to accelerate their design without making compromises.

Integrate and streamline multi-CAD design

The design process should integrate and streamline all aspects of equipment design from product architecture through configured, multi-domain bills of material (BOMs). It should associate multi-discipline, multi-CAD designs with the BOMs and place them under configuration and change control. Companies that don’t leverage automation will face longer design times and introduce unnecessary design errors.

Download this new analyst report from Tech-Clarity and learn more about the four disciplines manufacturers can improve to drive speed while accommodating complexity.