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Digital transformation in product design and development

While digital transformation is touted as the new trend for product development and manufacturing organizations, small and medium firms can sometimes feel left behind. How can smaller companies reap the benefits of digital transformation, without exposing themselves to too much risk? How do you know if your efforts are ahead of the curve, or lagging?

Learn how SMB manufacturers can use the latest technology to drive digitalization

This IDC InfoBrief examines the current and future investment plans of small and medium businesses (SMBs) so that firms can see where an adjustment in their investment plans for product design and development might be appropriate. While small and midsize manufacturing firms have made major strides in improving product design and development, the competitive landscape will become increasingly demanding. SMB manufacturers need to know how to make optimal use of the latest technology to support digital transformation.

Where do you start? In this InfoBrief, you’ll learn:

  • The biggest assumption that most SMBs make about digital transformation—and why you should adjust your thinking
  • The best approach for implementing digital transformation when resources are tight
  • Key areas where digital transformation can support business priorities
  • What technologies act as “innovation accelerators” for design and product development, and why you should adopt them
  • How to leverage existing technology adoption in new ways to advance digital transformation.
  • Get the free InfoBrief today and discover the opportunity that digital transformation holds for SMBs.