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Create unique consumer product experiences with IoT device integration

Companies are gradually shifting towards an 'Experience First' Product Design Strategy. The first step in creating a great user experience is to create a product that is focused on the needs of the consumers. Companies are recalibrating their approach and optimizing speed, time-to-market, and delivering on customer requirements and experience.

Manufacturers are developing connected products that can be integrated with Mobile Applications to provide users with a seamless experience. Consumers are increasingly engaging with connected devices, from home appliances to fitness, and they are looking for personalized experiences and services. Given this, businesses are increasingly investing in user experience for cross-selling and upselling, improving customer retention, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing connected products to enable customer touchpoints and resolve product pain points

Most businesses are now focusing on differentiated user experience rather than differentiated product. They've realized that providing consumers with engaging, interactive, and fun experiences can help them remember their brand. Brands are addressing various customer touchpoints such as ease of use, convenience, and improved performance by utilizing low code applications with a cloud backend. In order to customize their user experience, brands provide tailored content that resonates with each consumer.

Top reasons why companies invest in customer experience are:

  • Building customer loyalty
  • Reducing attrition
  • Improving customer retention

Retain & upsell customers with post-purchase engagement

Consumers' after-sales service experiences have been completely transformed by smart products. Learn how your company can foster brand loyalty in order to retain and upsell customers, as well as improve post-purchase customer engagement so that consumers are no longer disconnected from your brand and instead develop a relationship with it over time.

Real-world IoT device examples & case studies

Learn about use cases and examples from companies that are using IoT Low Code Application to cross-sell and up-sell, improve customer retention, and improve customer satisfaction to provide unique customer experiences.