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Sustainable product design strategies for consumer durable companies

With the rise of value-driven consumers, CPG companies must reconsider how they contribute to negative environmental impacts to meet consumer expectations and long-term goals. To achieve these objectives, processes and business models must be altered. Brands that are reluctant to create more sustainable production practices have earned the negative attention of consumers. As a result, buyers choose to divert their dollars away from companies that do not have green policies and toward brands that do. CPG companies must consider investments that will allow them to modify their supply chains and maintain healthy profits while taking action to reduce environmental harm. Companies must exercise caution by designing sustainable products and incorporating green manufacturing into their business practices.

Download this analyst report to learn more about how your CPG company can lead the way with a sustainable product design strategy to build a better tomorrow.

Why is sustainable manufacturing important

The ability to attract more buyers and win more business is the most obvious benefit of sustainability, but it is by no means the only one. Learn why sustainable manufacturing can help CPG manufacturers reduce costs, increase sales, increase productivity, attract new employees, improve brand reputation, and protect the health, safety, and environment of the communities in which they operate.

Sustainable design ideas to reduce carbon in the environment

Companies are under increasing pressure from regulators and consumers to reduce their environmental impact. CPG companies must invest in sustainable product design strategies to reduce their carbon footprint in both manufacturing and product usage.

Manufacturing case study examples

Discover CPG manufacturing case study examples that describe how businesses are dealing with industry challenges related to sustainability and how they are solving them, all while innovating and producing sustainable value for consumers, communities, employees, the environment, and their bottom line.