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How to adapt a multi-disciplinary approach to product development

The cascading effect of technological evolution, rising and changing consumer expectations, and constant product innovation is forcing brands to reconsider their entire approach to development and manufacturing. With product availability, performance, and sustainability being top priorities for CG organizations, a multidisciplinary approach is required.

Download this market perspective on Multi-Disciplinary Product Development to learn more about current product lifecycle practices, trends reshaping the consumer goods industry, development challenges confronting organizations, and digital solutions reshaping the entire product development lifecycle and underlying processes.

This report is relevant for those who want:

  • To adapt a multi-disciplinary approach to product development.
  • To understand industry best practices and the impact of using digitally transformed development cycles.
  • Case examples and benefits

Create successful designs with production simulation software

Manufacturers face a significant challenge during the product development cycle in producing accurate designs that are successful after 2 - 3 re-runs. Discover how consumer goods brands can overcome traditional product development barriers by creating digital prototypes that can be tested using multiple simulations.

A multi-disciplinary approach enables global data access for teams

A multidisciplinary development model improves global team collaboration and causes a complete shift in the design, manufacturing, and production phases of the development cycle. Discover how a digital solution can eliminate the need for manual product information files.