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Aerospace digital thread

Gain competitive advantage with an aerospace digital thread

Companies around the world and across industries are increasingly undergoing digital transformation to better meet today’s challenges. The aerospace and defense industries are no different. While companies currently are focusing these efforts on product development, at Siemens we believe that the strongest value comes from implementing a digital thread. While still in its infancy, this concept can provide a strong competitive advantage.

Download this comprehensive report based on research from CIMdata on the aerospace digital thread.

What is a digital thread in aerospace engineering?

While there’s not a commonly accepted definition of digital thread, at Siemens we consider the digital thread as a roadmap of industry-specific business workflows. The aerospace digital thread digitally connects all tasks and processes in the value chain based on the challenges to be solved, connecting capabilities throughout the lifecycle of a product.

What are the benefits of implementing a digital thread?

A digital thread provides the foundation for digital transformation. The digital thread also establishes traceability of product information across multiple domains. By implementing a digital thread, operations can be optimized while also rapidly adapting to change, enabling products to be delivered faster and at a lower cost.

Customer success stories with an aerospace digital thread

In addition to research on the current implementations and benefits of an aerospace digital thread, you’ll be able to read customer case studies when you download the report.

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