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Aerospace digital manufacturing: Learn how SMEs can survive and thrive

Using digitalization to remain competitive as aerospace SMEs

Aerospace manufacturers of all sizes are being forced to adapt their processes and solutions to meet industry demands. Whether it's product complexity, supply chain issues or time-to-market expectations, everyone is reevaluating their processes and solutions. These pressures are even more significant for small-to-medium-size manufacturers (SMEs).

Aerospace SMEs who've taken the initiative have found success by adopting digital manufacturing solutions. Companies have found that digital manufacturing technologies, like those in the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, have created faster production timelines, better resource utilization, and more effective collaboration.

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Siemens Xcelerator portfolio for aerospace SMEs

Siemens Xcelerator portfolio makes end-to-end digitalization attainable for aerospace manufacturing companies of all sizes with its comprehensive suite of software and services. It is delivered as an integrated, modular portfolio, ensuring that up-front costs are manageable, and scaling is effortless.

Download this report to learn more about digital manufacturing solutions for aerospace SMEs.

Aerospace digital manufacturing benefits

Digital manufacturing solutions are now attainable for SMEs. Gone are the days of innovative software requiring massive upfront costs. With solutions like those within the Xcelerator portfolio, you can pay for what you need and scale up or down quickly when your business objectives change.

With a production digital twin and digital thread as their backbone, digital manufacturing solutions for aerospace create an optimized, integrated manufacturing experience. With the ability to model and simulate processes and production lines and a digital thread that communicates the results to all stakeholders, digital manufacturing solutions enable aerospace SMEs to improve manufacturing decision-making, optimize production facilities, utilize resources more flexibly and reduce time to market.