Aerospace and Defense - Direct Field Acoustic Testing

DFAN Master Class | October 29–31, 2024

The Aerospace and Defense Direct Field Acoustic Noise (DFAN) Master Class is a 3-day live training. It brings the attendees together around an impressive tower of powerful loudspeakers, where theoretical presentations are supported by live demonstrations of DFAN tests on a real structural model of a satellite. The Aerospace and Defense DFAN master class is designed for the spacecraft testing community eager to expand their knowledge of spacecraft acoustic testing.

  • Spacecraft acoustic testing using traditional and new methods
  • DFAN process overview
  • Loudspeaker considerations for spacecraft acoustic testing
  • DFAN test setup and instrumentation of a satellite, system overview, verification
  • MIMO random control strategy
  • Real DFAN test on a satellite model
  • Hands-on learning using scaled DFAN setups
  • Pre-test analysis: design control strategy
  • Virtual pre-test analysis and demonstration
  • Digital twin, as part of the DFAN process
  • DFAN operational modal analysis
  • Simcenter DFAN customer testimonials

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Date: October 29–31, 2024


Dayton T. Brown, Inc.

Long Island, NY

The participation fee for the 3-day Simcenter DFAN master class is $2,450 plus taxes. It includes training materials, social networking, lunch and refreshments.