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White Paper

Boosting productivity in gearbox engineering using multibody simulation

Modeling and parameterizing a gearbox in a multibody simulation environment is traditionally a tedious and error-prone manual process. Typically, it takes several days for model preparation and simulation of the non-linear system dynamics to obtain system-level loads.

In this gearbox engineering paper, Simcenter introduces a software tool to compose and simulate a multibody simulation model of the transmission at any stage of development more accurately and in approximately 1 hour. Illustrated by several industrially relevant results, it describes how to analyze transmissions at the system level and achieve better performance in terms of efficiency, noise and reliability.

Simcenter revisited the numerical approach to drivetrain simulation. The new solver architecture in Simcenter 3D Motion Transmission Builder enables the user to perform dynamic multibody simulation according to three different levels of fidelity for gear contact. This flexibility allows the design engineer to select the appropriate accuracy in the model for the performance engineering predictions of interest.

Download this gearbox engineering white paper to:

  • Capture detailed yet computationally efficient, non-linear system dynamics
  • Accurately predict system behavior for NVH, transient, durability and other analyses
  • Increase productivity by choosing from a comprehensive set of contact methods