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The Future Car: Driving a Lifestyle Revolution

The automotive industry is undergoing a revolution unlike anything we have seen since cars replaced horses. This revolution will reveal the future car, which will change how we live our lives. Certainly this car will be autonomous. It will make travel and commuting more affordable. And most importantly, it will deliver a customizable experience that will make travel both enjoyable and efficient. But when will the future car move from being a novelty on our streets to becoming an integral part of our daily lives?

In this future car whitepaper readers will learn more about:

  • Barriers to realizing the vision of the future car
  • Car automation levels
  • Market acceptance of autonomous cars
  • Interaction of people and autonomous cars
  • The role of connected vehicles
  • The future impact of autonomous vehicles on our day to day lives
  • Autonomous car impact pillars
  • The future car – enabling a living internet

Over the past two to three years, we have seen the topic of the future car go from a novelty, to a popular topic at parties, to a consistent part of our daily conversation and news feeds. During this time, we’ve had the opportunity to interview experts working on 3D printed autonomous shuttles, electro-mobility, mobility as a service, flying cars, the technology impact on distracted driving, intelligent traffic systems and autonomous driving platforms and simulations.

The result is a multifaceted perspective on issues faced by the transportation industry as it prepares for the future. The insights gained in these conversations are used in this whitepaper to explore what must be overcome for the vision of the future car to become a day-to-day reality.