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Accelerate product development with product verification

Automotive manufacturers can accelerate innovation to unleash the next generation of vehicles and stay ahead of the competition by replacing the traditional design, build, test, break, redesign iteration process. Eliminating wasteful, time-consuming, and costly redesigns, rework, retests, and remanufacturing with virtual verification and validation.

In this video, discover how Siemens Accelerated Product Development solutions can help you design it right the first time and drive it before you build — Watch now!

Eliminate wasteful, time-consuming redesigns with product verification and validation

A pivotal element to accelerating the product development process is continuous virtual verification and validation. Each step in the development process should constantly hunt for problems and designs that do not meet requirements compliance to address them sooner rather than later. Siemens Accelerated Product Development solutions help eliminate many poor designs that waste time and money earlier, resulting in higher quality, safe, reliable, and secure products.

Use Siemens solutions to virtually verify design proposals

Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution helps automotive manufacturers build a comprehensive digital twin to synchronize up-to-date information and data sharing throughout the product development ecosystem. Rapidly meet requirements and solve design mistakes early in product development using virtual validation methodologies. This ensures high quality, fewer recalls, and reduces unnecessary failure and cost, allowing manufacturers to deliver the next generation of vehicles profitably.

Implement product verification to quickly reach product performance excellence

Once a viable product concept is identified during product development, it needs to be quickly assessed for manufacturing, assembly, 3D printing, and more to determine the traditional roadblocks and virtually address them quickly. Siemens Accelerated Product Development solutions provide state-of-the-art virtual verification capabilities to generate new innovative concepts through artificial intelligence through all the required real-world physics into manufacturing simulation to accelerate the entire product development ecosystem.

Watch the video to discover how Siemens Accelerated Product Development solutions can help you master the art of automotive product verification.