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Leverage Semiconductor Design for Compliance as a Competitive Advantage


A product lifecycle management (PLM) system is vital for semiconductor businesses to allow them to grow, providing a single, integrated digital solution across the product lifecycle from concept to end of life. However, it is no longer enough to manufacture high-quality and innovative products. In addition, an increasing environmentally focused market means both consumer demand and regulatory compliance require semiconductor device manufacturers to integrate environmental and social concerns into their product design and manufacture. To do this, manufacturers must provide complete transparency into their product makeup, including material and substance data from in-house components and material declaration data for all elements within the supply chain.

Capture Supplier Declaration Data Along with Automated Disclosure and Compliance Grading

As suppliers assume more responsibility for more significant portions of your products, you need them to interact with people across your business and, crucially, supply accurate product data information for your compliance.

To help your business efficiently capture accurate and complete supplier declaration data by providing integrated material and substance management, automated supplier disclosure, compliance grading, and reporting together with core PLM capabilities.

Leverage PLM Software to Streamline your Supplier Material Disclosure Process and Stay Compliant

Invest in PLM to grow your business and produce and innovate more environmentally and socially sensitive products.

Download the infographic to get an overview of how PLM can help your business efficiently address environmental requirements and stay compliant.