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Accelerate at scale using product design technology

In an industry where a large engineering effort is required to produce a relatively small volume, time-to-market is a key design driver. Can you keep up with customized requests while still delivering equipment on time?

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Reduce cost and time-to-market

This increased complexity, regulatory compliance requirements, and growing demand for customization and localized design variants can slow down a project. Now is the time to counteract by deploying tools and processes that help you reduce cost and time-to-market - two critical factors that affect the bottom line. A single collaborative environment including simulation and verification management can reduce cost and time-to-market for any type of design.

Multi-disciplinary design enables cross-team collaboration

Most innovations that are added today require strong interaction between mechanics, electronics, and software. For equipment design, that means more parameters, more physics, and more stakeholders in the design process. A multi-disciplinary design approach that enables cross-team collaboration can drive efficiencies by avoiding endless design iterations.

Continuous verification

Improved reliability and reduced risk can also be achieved by running continuous verification and validation. A design process is needed that drives commonality and reuse to enable virtual verification and validation of different design variants.

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