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Innovation in sporting equipment manufacturing with Integrated Project Management

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Speeding up innovation in sporting equipment manufacturing is key. This ebook explores the benefits of applying integrated program and lifecycle management to help you launch your products to market faster.

Explore the current trends in the Sporting Goods industry

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • Market trends in the Sporting equipment manufacturing industry, main drivers of those trends, and how your sporting goods manufacturing company can capitalize on opportunities in this new and difficult market
  • What kinds of experiences do customers expect, and how your company can manage these key variables with a digital enterprise
  • The advantages of implementing integrated program and lifecycle management for your organization, as well as how you can accelerate innovation up to three times faster for a quick return on investment

What is integrated program and lifecycle management in sporting equipment manufacturing?

Integrated program and lifecycle management is a digital thread that links data and processes together.

Companies manufacturing sporting goods equipment will be able to understand the interaction between:

  • Brand portfolio management
  • Program management
  • Project management
  • Product lifecycle management

Benefits of integrating project management and product lifecycle management (PLM)

Most enterprise systems and all independent solutions fall short of addressing the funnel criteria for innovation in the Sporting Goods sector. The entire process jeopardizes quality, cost, and sustainability. Several solutions provide typical project management skills, but a holistic picture is absent. A unique approach combines project management and product lifecycle management. This will allow firms to more efficiently exploit their intellectual property and bring new product ideas to market, saving them time and money.